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Universal Emotional Freedom Technique

Universal Emotional Freedom Technique | Online Course | For Emotional Stress, Anxiety & Depression

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Stress less and overcome any life challenge with ease with the Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT). This 2 hour online course is so simple to learn and then you can add the UEFT technique to your wellness toolbox to assist your peace and inner harmony where ever it is you may be.

This simple technique (which can be performed in under 1 minute) will assist you to process & relieve any emotional stress, tension or overwhelm, release emotional trauma from the past and encourage you to return to an emotional state of calm, carefree & presence. By processing and releasing stored emotions you can therefore improve your health & wellbeing.

What's included in your Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT) package?

1. The 2-hour UEFT online video course with life time access!

2. The UEFT Procedure (A3) Wall Chart

3. The UEFT instruction manual

4. The Anatomy of Emotions Chart


What's UEFT?

UEFT is a fast, safe, effective and easy to learn technique focused on freeing you from emotional stress anywhere. It’s a welcomed progressive improvement to the outdated old technology of EFT created by Gary Craig, which was originally expanded upon from Thought Field Therapy (TFT) by Roger Callahan. UEFT achieves results every time without the need for tedious tapping.

Not only is UEFT faster to implement than the EFT sequences, unlike tapping therapies, there is no chance of interference waves being created. If you are an EFT practitioner, irrespective of your level of training, you need to bring up to date your skills and modernise your current practice! If you are looking for emotional freedom, look no further; UEFT is Emotional Wellbeing technique & solution you’ve been searching for. Learn UEFT today for your own emotional wellness!

If you’re an established health practitioner you may additionally continue through the certification process and support your community’s emotional health & wellbeing too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Amazing results

The take away from this course is that it nails every day issues that plague us and shifts it to the positive instantly....great all around 😁

Quick session but lovely experience

I was included to try this new technique and it’s a very calming and sobering experience. A good way to delve into inner emotions and conflicts. It was helpful to have Rhett guide me through it

Kyle Mayer
Life changing results

Came into the course feeling run down and tired. Straight away after the technique I could feel positive results. I felt at peace and warm wave rushing over me. Money well spent!! Do yourself a favour and enrol now!

David Jackson
Feeling less overwhelmed

I bought the UEFT course hoping it could teach me how to reduce my stress levels, and have been using the technique at the end of a stressful day for the last few weeks. When I get back home I’m much calmer, feel less overwhelmed and have more patience all round. It’s great!

Robert Adelman
Amazing! Highly recommend

Felt so much better when using the simple techniques within the course, super easy to understand and made a huge difference to my life. THANKS