Use Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT) anywhere, at anytime, for any emotion

Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT) has it’s immediate roots in EFT – or tapping – a practice also known as “emotional acupuncture”. It is an evolution of the ancient Chinese wisdom of acupuncture, used to harmonise the energy pathways of the body.

Rhett Ogston has further developed the principles of these therapies to create UEFT, which gently engages pressure points in the body to help calm and regulate emotions with out the long tapping sequences which can introduce interference waves which has been observed to exacerbate stress symptoms.

UEFT is safe, effective and easy to learn and can have a transformative effective on your life if you are affected by life challenges, traumas, emotional pain and distress.

This 2 hour online course is comprehensive and simple to follow and once complete you will be able to perform this 60 second emotional freedom technique ANYWHERE!

Your workbook and poster will be shipped to you for FREE, however you can start learning today with the online video's and be on your way to enjoying a life feeling emotionally balanced right now.

  • Improve brain health & memory with this emotional freedom technique you can learn online

    This simple technique has the power to enhance your brains neuroplasticity and create long-lasting positive emotional & mental change

  • Get better health by processing your emotions

    You can learn this profound emotional health course in only 2-hours & hold this quick, 60 second technique up your sleeve forever.

  • There is no tedious tapping or stressful sequences to remember. learn the 2 universal points that revolutionises EFT therapy for improved SUD scores & results.

Process emotional stress, tension, anger, frustration, anxiety & fear with the best Emotional Freedom Technique & enjoy more emotional freedom in only 60 seconds! From TFT to EFT to UEFT.

The Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT) was designed to assist with healing and provide rapid relief & recovery from:

• stress

• anxiety

• depression

• bullying

• anger management

• fears and phobias

• emotional traumas

• emotional eating

• panic

• frustration

• exhaustion

• over-thinking

• post traumatic stress disorder

• sadness

• addictions and compulsions.


• health

• self esteem

• self love

• inflammation

• limiting beliefs and therefore provides more feelings like calmness & happiness!

This course may also provide relief from physical symptoms related to emotional trauma such as headaches, pain and weight fluctuations.

In this short course, you will learn the quick & gentle 12-step process that allows your body to realign its energies through the engagement of specific pressure points to help you achieve peace and vitality.

It's that simple, kids can learn UEFT too!


• 2 hour online course | Life time access

• A3 poster procedure

• UEFT workbook, including Emotional Freedom Technique EFT!

Learn this incredible technique in only 2 hours with the founder today!

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