Everything you need to know about Universal Emotional Freedom Technique.

Learn how to stress less in under 2 hours in the online video course!

A stress free technique for any emotion, overwhelm, anxiety, depression and emotional trauma or pain.


What is it?

Universal Emotional Freedom Technique or UEFT for short. 3 stages to emotional freedom on a deep and lasting level in a one page simple and easy to learn format.


Who's my teacher?

The online course is taught by founder and Melbourne based, Australian healer, Rhett Ogston.


What's included in the course videos?

The online Emotional Freedom course is comprised of 9 videos. In this, the 3 fundamental steps that teach you the step by step process how to release and harmonise any emotion from the body and mind as well as the theories of UEFT and where to after you've learnt the technique. Each short video makes up 2hours of learning.


How long will the online course take me?

The 9 short lessons/videos make up a total of the 2 hour Universal EFT course however, you can learn the 3 steps for the Universal EFT technique in under an hour!


What's included in my UEFT workbook?

Your workbook covers the history of how UEFT came into fruition from TFT and EFT, the explanations of all theories integrated within the UEFT procedure, a tracking diary, and how to overcome any problems. You will also learn specific acupuncture points and why they're used plus, Gary Craig's EFT, quantum theory, physics in healing, tapping and interference waves and a persona tracking diary for your ongoing use.


What's on my A3 poster?

The Universal EFT protocol includes the step-by-step directions to perform the Universal EFT tool. You can laminate it, stick it on your wall, where you can learn it, memorise it, and use it seamlessly anytime, anywhere, for any emotion, stress and emotional challenge, just name the emotion.


What will be shipped to me?

You can access the video lessons online at your own convenience, and depending if you're local, interstate or overseas, this will impact the shipping time depending on freight carriers. You will receive a A4 workbook, A3 procedure and a bonus A4 Anatomy of Emotions poster to assist to name your emotion.


How do I access my course?

When you purchase your online course, you will need to create an online account once you've checked the 'terms & conditions' box. You will then have lifetime access to this course. If Qi Health Clinic Pty Ltd / Rhett Ogston Applications, changes video / website platforms, please contact us, and we will assist you to regain access to your purchased course or create a new account.


What if I need help?

We love to teach! Just get in touch with us and one of our friendly staff or community will assist you overcome any hurdles that arise. Just email gab@qihealthclinic.com or locate any contact details at www.rhettogston.com


Can I do this on my friends & family?

Yes of course you can! Once you've completed your 2hour course either online or with one of our UEFT instructors, you can use the emotional freedom technique on yourself, plus your friends and family without any transaction cost. If you would like to use UEFT as a business endeavour or with a financial transaction for example, in a clinical setting, it's essential you complete the UEFT technician certification to ensure you're offering your community or clients the correct methodology to obtain them optimal results.


Can I do this for my clients?

Yes, please get in touch with us to complete the Universal EFT technician processes.


Can I teach UEFT to others?

Yes, please get in touch with us to complete the Universal EFT instructorship processes.


What can UEFT help with?

 1.    Fears and Phobias


 2.    Pain Management


 3.    Weight Loss / Eating Disorders


 4.    Children’s Issues


 5.    Animals Issues


 6.    Addictions and Obsessions


 7.    Allergy Relief / Allergies


 8.    Trauma / Abuse


 9.    Insomnia / Sleep Problems


10.  PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)


11. Asthma Relief


12. Tension Headaches & Migraine Headache


13. Relationship Problems


14. Vision Issues

15.   Learning and Study Problems


16.   Self-Esteem Issues


17.   Rage and Anger Management


18.   Performance Anxiety (Public Speaking / Sports / Theatrical & Musical Performances)


19.   Depression


20.   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


21.   Attention Deficit Disorders – ADD-ADHD


22.   OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)


23.   High (or Low) Blood Pressure


24.   Diabetes / Neuropathy


25.   Fear of Flying


26.   Claustrophobia


27.   Agoraphobia


Where do I find all Rhett Ogston Applications?



What is EFT and how does it differ to UEFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) centres on the theory that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system. Practitioners use their fingertips to stimulate certain meridian energy points, on the face, hands and upper torso, while the patient is "tuned in" to the problem.

In EFT, the subtle energies that circulate throughout the body are considered to be the front running cause of emotional upsets. EFT can therefore aid in healing victims of trauma and abuse, people with fears and phobias, panic and anxiety, depression, addictions and compulsions. As well as being a spiritual and emotional healer, EFT provides relief for a wide range of physical symptoms including headaches, pain management and weight. But what if it could be simpler than this? It can and we have it...

EFT is usually quite gentle and substantial relief is often achieved with little or no pain. The practitioner sometimes teaches simple "tapping" sequences that the client can use on their own to better handle emotional issues when they arise. Which is great but what if it was easier to learn? It is and we have it!

EFT consists of a long sequence with many different nuances, what if you could get the benefits of EFT but with a simple, easy to learn method? We have it..... 

Did you know that Gary Craig simplified EFT from Roger Callahan’s Thought Field therapy (TFT)... wouldn’t it make sense that someone could then further simplify EFT? Yes... and we have it.

Universal EFT was further developed by Rhett Ogston to reduce interference nodes and achieve better results for his communities emotional wellbeing. Integrating his Chinese medicine training, there are only 2 pressure points involved in this technique and no tedious, long tapping sequences! It's so quick to complete to achieve amazing results!


You can start your course here!


What other courses do you offer?

Universal EFT is a Rhett Ogston Applications. Other courses that ROA's offer include the signature ROA, FlameTree: the personal development and healing system, a bio-energetic medicine and world first fractal healing system based in consciousness. Additionally, Process My Emotions Essences offers workshops and MEMO a memory optimising course to further live a life of optimal health and wellness.


How else can I support my emotional wellbeing?

ROA's offer natural and vibrational essences that process emotional stagnation via the meridian system.

Discover a world first fractal healing system, the signature ROA, FlameTree that can address your emotions via 8 different frequencies of the body including thoughts, beliefs, DNA, genetics, spirituality, energetically and more!

Get in touch with Gabrielle at gab@qihealthclinic.com to find out more!

  • Cheap online EFT emotional freedom course for practitioners, anxiety, depression and stress for relaxation and happiness



    no pre-requisite required


    Complete UEFT course with a CUEFTI (certified UEFT instructor) or online (2 hours)

  • Practitioner course for emotional freedom, stress, anxiety and depression online learning




    Student course completed + Signed technician license

  • Instructor training for Emotional Freedom, Stress and Anxiety relief




    Technician exam completed and successfully passed + Signed instructor license + Be a member of the FlameTree association

A technique my whole family uses to process their emotions!

“UEFT helped my family to be a more relaxed, happy and enjoyable household. I got so much benefit from the technique that I then certified to become a technician. When my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour, I was able to use the technique to help manage my own and my daughter’s stress. I didn’t realise what a huge impact it was actually having on my life at the time until I was speaking to another mother who was going through a very similar situation. She couldn’t believe how clear-headed and rational I was in the crisis and said when her daughter was diagnosed; she was a mess and barely left the house for three months. That made me realise how much UEFT had helped me through a traumatic situation. I would recommend the UEFT course to anybody. It’s a great tool.”

- Kirsty Annett (Certified UEFT Instructor)

What the first Advanced EFT practitioner says about UEFT

“UEFT is easy to learn and has been a welcome addition to my practice. Based on my clinical experience I choose to offer UEFT as an option for clients presenting with emotional stress and tension which often impacts on their chronic pain. I find that clients adapt easily when I am using UEFT and they are keen to refer friends and family to me for this experience – which has been incredibly positive for my practice.”

– Dr George Dellas(Certified registered Chinese medicine practitioner), Naturopath, EFT and UEFT Technician