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Amazing results

The take away from this course is that it nails every day issues that plague us and shifts it to the positive instantly....great all around 😁

Quick session but lovely experience

I was included to try this new technique and it’s a very calming and sobering experience. A good way to delve into inner emotions and conflicts. It was helpful to have Rhett guide me through it

Life changing results

Came into the course feeling run down and tired. Straight away after the technique I could feel positive results. I felt at peace and warm wave rushing over me. Money well spent!! Do yourself a favour and enrol now!

Feeling less overwhelmed

I bought the UEFT course hoping it could teach me how to reduce my stress levels, and have been using the technique at the end of a stressful day for the last few weeks. When I get back home I’m much calmer, feel less overwhelmed and have more patience all round. It’s great!

Amazing! Highly recommend

Felt so much better when using the simple techniques within the course, super easy to understand and made a huge difference to my life. THANKS

Getting through mum emotions

This technique has been a lifesaver to help improve my patience levels with my young boys. Having 3 young kids I can get easily frustrated and impatient so being able to do this technique really quickly has made a huge difference to help me return to a calm state and be completely there and present for my boys.

My friend swears by it so it is a daily practise I want to adopt!

Emotional Freedom Courses For Health Practitioners

Having been an advanced EFT practitioner since December 2007, I can confidently say that UEFT easily supersedes EFT!

I found UEFT easy to learn, simple to use and effective. Since using UEFT personally and professionally, I have not needed to use EFT anymore. That’s because I have found UEFT to be quicker to use, quicker to get results and there is no tedious tapping and less to remember, which my clients and I love! I highly recommend UEFT for both personal or professional use.