UEFT | Universal Emotional Freedom Technique is an Rhett Ogston Application.

Working via the emotional frequency, all Rhett Ogston Applications address all 8 frequencies of the BodyMind Complex, true holistic healing addressing physical pain and disease, emotional issues, past and present traumas, spiritual imbalances, relationship issues, mental wellbeing, detrimental thoughts & beliefs, genetic predispositions and more, to help every person within the community to live an optimal and purposeful life.

Both Eastern & Western health practitioners, healers and lay people use the Rhett Ogston Applications for themselves or in a clinical environment to guide them to better health and a life filled with purpose.

All Rhett Ogston Applications offer affiliate programs and wholesale accounts to suit our business community. Get in touch!

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  • Cheap online EFT emotional freedom course for practitioners, anxiety, depression and stress for relaxation and happiness



    no pre-requisite required


    Complete UEFT course with a CUEFTI (certified UEFT instructor) or online (2 hours)

  • Practitioner course for emotional freedom, stress, anxiety and depression online learning




    Student course completed + Signed technician license

  • Instructor training for Emotional Freedom, Stress and Anxiety relief




    Technician exam completed and successfully passed + Signed instructor license + Be a member of the FlameTree association