Certify in Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT)

or step up your EFT training to better help others clear emotional blockages and live more stress free.

You will be able to heal your clients from emotional stress & trauma, anxiety, depression, loneliness, disease and more with out tedious tapping techniques...

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is also known as tapping therapy or tapping technique, is successfully used in practitioner and clinical spaces within the health care industry. Gaining more and more attention due to the positive benefits to ones health and wellbeing by reducing stress, anxiety, depression and more, not only in adults but children too, this therapy is becoming more popularly recognised and integrated with alternative and Western health care practitioners within their wellness space for emotions and disease.

But why use the old, outdated technology, when you can use the new updated, faster technology, known as Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT), which is currently faster and receives more optimal results than EFT in a clinical setting and as a emotional therapy. 

Certify as a UEFT practitioner today and help your clients and community gain emotional clarity, manage their emotional stress, overcome life challenges and experience each and every present moment they are given.

  • Cheap online EFT emotional freedom course for practitioners, anxiety, depression and stress for relaxation and happiness



    no pre-requisite required


    Complete UEFT course with a CUEFTI (certified UEFT instructor) or online (2 hours)

  • Practitioner course for emotional freedom, stress, anxiety and depression online learning




    Student course completed + Signed technician license

  • Instructor training for Emotional Freedom, Stress and Anxiety relief




    Technician exam completed and successfully passed + Signed instructor license + Be a member of the FlameTree association