Anxiety Support

Support feelings of anxiousness naturally.

It's not always about feeling calm in every moment. Additionally, it's normal to feel a wide range of emotions and experience anxiety from time to time. Feelings of anxiety generally arise from situations we feel unable to control about something in the future or the unknown. It's often a fear catastrophized in the mind due to past beliefs and conditioning.

These feelings are real, and are there to be felt, managed and processed rather than suppressed. Suppressing these feelings generally lead to larger issues to one's health further down the track. 

UEFT taps into the emotions that are creating feelings of anxiety and helps you to process them energetically so they can move through the body, allowing you to be able to deal with the emotions and move forward.

Your emotions are the filters in which you view your world. What emotions have you not processed and how does that influence your every day life?

Change your state, process your emotions with UEFT.

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  • Cheap online EFT emotional freedom course for practitioners, anxiety, depression and stress for relaxation and happiness



    no pre-requisite required


    Complete UEFT course with a CUEFTI (certified UEFT instructor) or online (2 hours)

  • Practitioner course for emotional freedom, stress, anxiety and depression online learning




    Student course completed + Signed technician license

  • Instructor training for Emotional Freedom, Stress and Anxiety relief




    Technician exam completed and successfully passed + Signed instructor license + Be a member of the FlameTree association