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Process My Emotions

Process My Emotions Essences First-Aid Kit

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The Process My Emotions First-Aid Kit has an essence for your every emotion. These vibrational remedies are a synergistic fusion of five healing modalities; Chinese & Western herbal medicine, homeopathic medicines, Bach flower essences and bio-energetic medicine, in one simple system that the whole family can use daily, including children and pets, to assist to process their emotions.


Meet your 6 pro•m•emo essences 

  • pro•m•emo Calm essence 20ml
  • pro•m•emo Harmony essence 20ml
  • pro•m•emo Carefree essence 20ml
  • pro•m•emo Relief essence 20ml
  • pro•m•emo Love essence 20ml
  • pro•m•emo Peace essence 20ml


Emotions are the juice of life. It's when one gets stuck in their emotions that tension, symptoms and disease can result. Process your emotions daily with the Process My Emotions essences and enjoy emotional balance, flow and less stress in your world.


Improving your emotional intelligence is as simple as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1:

Name the emotion

Identify your feelings. Emotions generally are not isolated, identify your emotions from your Anatomy of Emotions chart. If you can not name your feelings, take your Peace essence now.

Step 2:

Choose the blend

Choose your corresponding essence(s) via the emotion on the bottles label(s) or use your Anatomy of Emotions chart.

Step 3:

Take the essence

Rate your emotional disturbance. Mild emotional disturbance? Take 3 drops. Severe emotional disturbance? Take 5 drops, under your tongue or in water.


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